Bedroom Additions in Germantown, TN

When it comes to remodeling, you probably already know that it’s no small task to take on—but entirely worth it. Fewer projects can give you a greater sense of satisfaction and enhance the pride you take in your home than adding on to your existing space. And, adding a guest bedroom or remodeling the master bedroom? That can be a truly exciting moment for any homeowner.

With a bedroom addition or remodeling project, you will put an enormous amount of effort into making your new space comfortable, functional, and stylish. As such, your new guest bedroom or master suite will become a space you’ve always craved. But, sometimes you need help to bring your vision to life.

At Heritage Builders, we offer a number of home remodeling and addition services to meet your needs. Want to add a guest bedroom or remodel the master bedroom in your Tennessee home? Contact the team at Heritage Builders in Germantown to get started today!

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Types of Bedroom Additions in Tennessee

Guest Bedroom Additions

Like many homeowners, having guests over for the night can be challenging. If you don’t have extra space for them to sleep and shower you may find yourself in quite a cramped situation. Adding on a guest bedroom to your home can give you and your guests the privacy and space you crave.

A guest bedroom addition can be a great solution if you need space for:

  • Children. Even if your children are much older, you’re going to need extra space for them when they return home for holidays or with their own children and spouse.
  • Parents. When your parents come to visit, they will value the extra privacy a guest bedroom gives them and you.
  • Out-of-town friends. When your friends or your children’s friends spend the weekend, you can make them more comfortable by showing them into their own room.

In any of these scenarios, and many more, a guest bedroom ensures that you no longer will have to sleep on the couch, crowd guests into a cramped living room or child’s room, or sacrifice your privacy. And, guests will have their own privacy, too!

There is something about closing the bedroom door at night – yours and your guest’s – that puts a peaceful, satisfying cap on the day. Not to mention, a guest bedroom conveys the caring message that your guest is special enough to warrant a room of their very own.

Master Bedroom Additions

Remodeling and expanding your master bedroom is often necessary to reach the level of comfort and space you need. You have to be a bit of a dreamer to remodel a master bedroom – and that’s a good thing since people who undertake this project report that they’ve never slept better in their lives. This is no hyperbole; this is the reality of a master bedroom remodel being a quality of life improvement for most homeowners.

Every master bedroom remodel presents a prime opportunity to improve upon what is commonly lacking in many master bedrooms: closet space, natural light, and room for furniture. These three problems are easily remedied when you choose the right home remodeling contractor. By extending the home and adding walk-in closets, skylights, and extra floorspace, you too can enjoy the perks of owning not only a master bedroom but a master suite.

Call Heritage Builders for Bedroom Additions & Remodeling in TN

Need extra motivation to get started? Adding a guest bedroom or remodeling the master bedroom is more than just remedy for cramped space—it’s a smart investment. Research on home remodeling shows that you can expect to recover between 75 and 90 percent of the cost of a remodel, known in the industry as cost to value. If this isn’t enough to want to add on to your home in Germantown or Memphis, the beautiful design work by Heritage Builders will have you convinced.

To learn more about our bedroom remodeling services in Memphis & Germantown, or schedule a first-time design consultation, contact our team at 901-737-6220 or online today!



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