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Posted on: May 17, 2017

You may not believe it but jobsites are now including swarms of new intelligent technology that is changing the way construction jobsites manage projects. According to the World Economic Forum, “Wherever the new technologies have properly permeated this fragmented industry, the outlook is an almost 20 percent reduction in total life cycle costs of a project, as well as substantial improvements in completion time, quality and safety.” Here is a look at a few technologies that are beginning to change the game now, as well as paving the way for more connected future.


Mobile Devices and Apps

Perhaps the most widely adopted of all new technologies are mobile devices. With the easy-to-use apps, and devices such as I-pads and tablets, workers are now allowed to access, document, share and edit all project information on or away from the jobsite.



Who knew that drones would turn into an important element within construction? Drones are now being equipped with camera to collect information in locations that are hard for humans to access on jobsites. These images can support site assessment and inspections aslong with understanding progress and as-built conditions. Talk about toys in the workforce!


3-D Printers and Robotic Constructors

Material such as extruded concrete, plastics and many others are being used to create building components and even entire buildings.  For example, the world’s first 3-D printer was recently constructed in Dubai. Robotic arms are being used in conjunction with 3-D printers to print a variety of forms and are improving every single day.



       The construction industry has been growing tremendously is the use of wearables in the workfield. Wearable such as smart glasses and hardhats that can provide visualization, augmented and mixed reality. Other wearables such as technology-enhanced safety vests and smart watches are also becoming popular in monitoring worker’s motions and enhacing jobsite safety.







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