Start Planning Your New Kitchen Remodel- Part One

Posted on: August 30, 2016

Many people can be hesitant when it comes to remodeling your kitchen because it involves numerous decisions to be made. Not to worry though, we at Heritage Builders strive to make those decision easy as pie for our clients! In the next four blog posts we are going to explain and break down each of the four different decisions/aspects of which your typical kitchen remodel consists of.

Step One: Countertops

                       Granite                                                                   Quartz


                Granite and quartz, shown above, are at the top of countertops as far as popularity and pricing go. Granite is a natural stone found within the Earth, and quartz is 93% qaurtz and 9% resin. Both types are very classy and look good in any kitchen.


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Concrete Wood                

Concerte pricing is a little cheaper than granite and quartz, ranging anywhere from $65-$135 per square foot. Conrete comes in many different stains and can shape any type of countop style. Both concrete and wood have become very popular in kitchens today, giving you a very rustic look. Wood is most popularly used as island countertops, pairing it with something different like granite as the primary countertop.

                      Stainless Steal                                                           Copper                  

Stainless steel and copper run a close race between each other. Many people have the opinion that stainless steel is too industrial for a home kitchen, but it really depends on how it’s designed into the rest of the kitchen. Putting a brushed finish on top of stianless steel hides blemishes and gives is a more rustic feel. If you do find stainless steel to be too clinical for you, copper brings a softer feel to the picture and also comes in different textures. Copper’s warmer hues tend to soften the overall look and feel of the kitchen.


Laminate is the perfect countertop for a low budget kitchen choice. It has come a long way in the nature of its looks. Laminate now has color choices that look and feel like granite and others that are labled as the more picey countertops.

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