Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Is Your Contractor Properly Licensed?

Making sure your contractor is properly licensed is specifically important in the fact that if something on the jobsite does go wrong and they are not properly licensed, there is little action you can take against them. One needs to verify a contractor’s license and not just a business license.

Is Your Contractor Properly Insured?

When a contractor is not properly insured and something goes wrong in your home, you could be held liable. Confirm that your contractor is adequately insured to include general liability and workers compensation at a minimum. However, verifying insurance coverage can be a time-consuming process and requires more than a verbal confirmation.

Does Your Contractor Provide A Written Contract?

Make sure all aspects of the project are laid out in a formal contract. Before signing, carefully review every item of the contract and make sure you fully understand everything. If there is any confusing terminology or vagueness, have the contractor clarify your concerns. And most importantly, ensure the contract has the start date, warranty provision and terms and the total price of the project with a payment schedule if required.

Does Your Contractor Have A Website?

It is very  important that your contractor has an up and running website with pictures and ideas so that you have a better understanding of the types of work and experience that your contractor has under his/or belt. It is very risky to hire a contractor without a website and therefore lacks professionalism.

Do They Have A System For Jobsite Cleanliness?

It is super important that your contractor and his/her workers keep your home safe and clean at all times as the project is taking place. Make sure that your contractor has a system for keeping your home dust-free and danger-free. Whether you are living in your home or not during the project construction, it is always an important aspect to keep the area safe and clean.

Is He/She a Design-Build Contractor?

With this being said, this can play an important role in choosing your contractor for a remodel/addition because it saves you money and time. Other benefits included within a design-build contractor experience is that they can make changes in the field that are aesthetically correct and structurally sound without your hesitation.

Does He/She Provide References?

References are easily forgot about and extremely valuable when it comes to hiring your contractor. Past projects and good feedback on your contractor are good evidence of what type of contractor he/she may be. One can also get a good feel of his/her designs and have a better understanding of what type of work this contractor is capable of doing.

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