How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Calming Retreat 

Posted on: January 24, 2018

Everyone deserves a place they can go at the beginning or end of each day to rejuvenate or unwind—surrounded by luxurious scents, sumptuous textures, and calming features. If you’ve always dreamed of enjoying a spa-like atmosphere in your own home, there are a number of changes you can make to your bathroom to get started on your transformation. By adding beauty and functionality to this important room, you’ll not only learn to love your home again, but also to increase its value to prospective buyers.

Here is a list of some our favorite tips to inspire you:

Reduce Clutter

There is nothing calming about clutter, and bathrooms can be one of the worst offenders in the home due to a lack of storage combined with an overabundance of bath, beauty, and hair care products. Now is the perfect time to toss or recycle any items or containers which are expired, empty, or unwanted. Clear horizontal surfaces such as your countertops, toilet tank, shelving, and bathtub or shower ledges of all but the most basic necessities. Store the excess items in bins inside bathroom cabinetry or behind the door of your medicine cabinet.

Layer Your Lighting

Include several types of lighting and fixtures in your bathroom upgrade to suit a variety of moods and tasks, including:

  • Ambient – Ambient lighting may be best achieved through a central ceiling fixture such as a pendant light or chandelier or recessed fixtures around the perimeter of the room. These fixtures should be placed on a dimmer switch for enhanced control.
  • Task – The lighting around your mirror should be bright enough to accurately reflect how you appear to others outside of your bathroom, as well as assist with makeup application and grooming. For best results, install a fixture at eye level on each side of the mirror (rather than from above, which can cause shadows).
  • Accent – Highlight architectural details, artwork, or beautiful tile work with directional accent lighting.

Paint Your Walls

Pale neutral tones, calming shades of blue or gray, or glossy white trim will instantly put you at ease in your calming bathroom retreat. A neutral palette can be enhanced by a splash of color from greenery or a favorite piece of art.

Upgrade Your Linens

Time to trade in your worn, mismatched, or faded towels for luxurious, oversized bath sheets in the same neutral color palette. Replace floor mats or rugs with soft, thick, absorbent materials that you can sink your toes into when exiting the bath or shower.

Make It Rain

Invest in a new shower head with multiple massage settings, in a finish that complements the other fixtures in the room. A waterfall or rain shower head is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day, while a high pressure spray can help to revive you in the morning.

Delight the Senses

Inviting aromas created by luxurious bath products, a diffuser, scented candles, or essential oils round out the spa experience, and may help you destress, energize, or relax at the end of a long day.

Get Back to Basics

Elements of nature such as wood, stone, plants, or flowers create a zen feel with a connection to water. Wood cabinetry or bath accessories, and stone flooring, countertops, back splash, or shower tile are clean and luxurious—adding much-needed texture. A dramatic orchid, leafy fern, or bowl of hearty succulents will thrive in the warm temperatures and humid environment while helping to clean the air.

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