What Is Design Build?

Posted on: February 3, 2016

As a Germantown home remodeler, it may seem strange that one of the most common questions we get is “what is design build.” During our many years in the construction industry, it’s one both our custom homebuilding and remodeling customers ask, so we’ve explained it here We’ve also discussed why it’s a good choice for you, if you’re a new home buyer or a current homeowner looking to renovate.

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Defining Design Build

Design Build, or DB as it is sometimes referred to, is a construction industry term that refers to a project where the person or company that does the construction also conceptualizes and designs the project. This includes:

  • drafting a complete set of construction documents
  • defining the look and feel of the project
  • choosing or recommending finishes and materials, and
  • all aspects of the construction and project management

Essentially, when you work with a design build company, you tell them your needs and budget, and they run with them from idea to completion.

Benefits of Design Build

Design build is a popular choice for everyone from private home owners to commercial clients and governments, when it comes to choosing a method of constructing everything from homes to new schools or commercial buildings. That’s because there are several benefits related to this type of construction project:

  • Fewer conflicts between the design team and the builder, because they’re all on the same team! Many people don’t realize how much time and cost it can add to a project to make sure many different people and companies are on the same page.
  • Easy to make changes. For the same reasons as mentioned above, it’s easier to change the plan on a design build project, because there is only one person or company to deal with, and a much smaller chance that your changes won’t filter down from the design office to the field.
  • Improved continuity. When a design build team is involved from start to finish, there’s a reduced risk of something important getting missed along the way.
  • Professional expertise and better client involvement. Design build companies are expert designers and builders, which can be a huge asset in terms of delivering a beautiful and functional finished product. Generally, they also welcome and seek out client involvement at key points in the project, which gives home owners much more “hands on” input in their projects.
  • Cost savings. When you work with a design build company, you can save up to about 10% on the overall project cost.
  • Improved accountability. When there is only one Germantown home remodeler responsible for designing and building, there can’t be any buck passing.

The truth is, there are more benefits to design build than there are drawbacks. It simplifies the process, cuts costs, and ensures accountability from start to finish. So if you are planning to build a new home (or renovate one) this year, be sure to consider this type of contract. You’ll definitely reap the benefits.

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