Why Experience Matters When Choosing a Memphis Remodeler

Posted on: February 15, 2016

Are you looking to make changes or additions to your home this year? Then you’re likely looking for a company to do the work for you. If you’re in the market for a Memphis remodeler, then you want to find one with enough experience to deliver the results you want, and there are several reasons for this.


1. An experienced remodeler will know what is possible within your budget, and will be able to advise you about the best way to reach your goals within your budget and to meet your needs.

  • Professional Group. Quality of work was exceptional. Did what they said they would. Stayed on schedule. Would definitely hire again.

    — Maxwell R.
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    — Corinthia D.
  • We have used Heritage Builders for two different projects and we are thrilled with the results…

    — Catherine

2. An experienced Memphis remodeling contractor will have contacts who can provide advice that may be outside their scope (and know when that’s necessary.) They’ll have engineers, architects, and specialists like electricians on call when they need them, and that helps to ensure that your homebuilding or remodeling project delivers what you want it to.

3. Well-established companies offer more accurate cost estimates and quotes, which means that there will be fewer unpleasant surprises later on. Not only will they give you a better estimate up front, but they will also be able to warn you about potential issues that may add to costs later on. (For instance, if they are worried about potential remediation issues, or suspect there may be structural problems.)

4. Experienced remodelers have established relationships with suppliers and sub trades. This not only means that they can get a better deal on materials, but they also get better service and guaranteed on time delivery—all of which are huge factors in remodeling.

5. A knowledgeable remodeler understands things like seasonality, and will plan accordingly. This is particularly important if you are creating an addition, or if your remodel includes elements like changes to roofing.

6. Sound expertise enables a remodeling company to manage things when problems arise, and good companies who have been around for a long time will have seen it all. They’ll know how to correct course when needed, and when to start fixing issues. Because believe it or not, recognizing problems sooner rather than later can save you lots of money and time!

7. Experienced and established companies generally hire better employees, who are skilled, reliable and hard working. Since that can affect the progress on your remodel, you want to work with a company that has a good team!

8. Because a company with experience in Memphis is likely to pull permits and submit plans and blueprints regularly, they will know the process, and likely have at least one contact they can follow up with. While that doesn’t mean they can get things passed that shouldn’t be, it helps to get things done faster.

9. They’ve built a reputation, which they will want to maintain. Unlike fly-by-night or Johnny-come-lately companies, they’ll deliver the very best service and great results.

Generally speaking, for anything more than a basic construction project, you want to work with an experienced company rather than an untried and untested one. Experienced contractors offer better service, fewer surprises and improved cost management.

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