Mudroom Additions in Germantown & Memphis, TN

A mudroom is the perfect solution to a problem which many homeowners don’t even realize they have—extra storage and organization—until they experience the added value this type of addition can bring. This room is aptly named, serving as a midway point between the outdoors and your interior living space, where occupants can remove outerwear and wet or soiled footwear while keeping the rest of the home clean and organized.

Although they are standard fare in cooler areas of the country, a mudroom addition is an asset to any home, bringing order from chaos and serving as one of the most versatile and family-friendly interior spaces, regardless of climate.

Since 2004, Heritage Builders have been helping homeowners throughout the Germantown area to improve the quality and function of their homes with masterful design, quality craftsmanship, and unprecedented attention to detail. Our design team will work with you to create a mudroom that works within your lifestyle, needs and budget, ensuring the finished project is to your complete satisfaction.

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Why Do You Need A Mudroom Addition?

A mudroom is used as a secondary entrance to the home. When designed and built properly, it is an invaluable addition to any Tennessee home. Benefits include:

  • Convenience: Entering your home through the mudroom allows you to dispose of excess gear from clothing to sports equipment before entering your main living space.
  • Organization: Depending on the size and configuration of your new addition, you can store all your footwear and outerwear, provide individual storage options for each of your family members, and keep everything you need to enjoy the outdoors in one place.
  • Cleanliness: Reduce the clutter in your main entryway and prevent dirt, moisture, and debris from dirtying and damaging your floors.
  • Value: With quality workmanship and design from Heritage Builders, you can experience a favorable return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home.

The Elements Of A Mudroom

Incorporate any or all of these elements in to your mudroom addition to maximize functionality and storage:


Stand alone or built in seating allows family and friends to sit down while removing their shoes, particularly helpful for families with small children.


Individual cubbies or lockers for each family member complete with low storage for shoes, hooks for outerwear, and a shelf or nook for seasonal items helps to keep everything sorted.


Install an abundance of hooks, perfect for coats, hats, umbrellas, scarves, dry cleaning, and more!

Wardrobe or Closet

Tuck seasonal or large items out of sight with additional closed storage space.


Relocate the laundry to the main floor and take advantage of the easy access to machines to launder soiled or wet clothing when coming in from the outdoors.


This feature can come in handy for rinsing or soaking clothing or sports gear, or washing up after gardening, painting, or crafting.

Pet Bath

A built in pet bath can help to save your back, floors, and furniture allowing you to rinse or bathe your pet when they become dirty after being outdoors.

Sensible Flooring

Opt for durable, washable flooring to make cleanup a breeze.

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