Energy Efficient Remodeling in Germatown & Memphis, TN

Remodeling brings renewed life to a home. If the remodel includes energy efficient materials and design, it can bring you significant savings on your energy bills.

The Department of Energy estimates that energy efficient homes reduce utility bills by 5% to 30%. With thirteen years of design and remodel experience at Heritage Builders, we can show you how to make the most of your energy efficient home remodel.

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Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient construction continues to evolve, and even new home builders do not always use the most energy efficient materials and techniques. Remodeling a home for energy efficiency offers several benefits.

Cost Savings

Cooling and heating homes in the Memphis and Germantown area is a major expense for homeowners. Even a modest reduction in energy costs over time can add up to real savings.

Here are a few energy efficient strategies that can save homeowners money:

  • Installing ENERGY STAR® rated low-e windows can reduce energy costs by up to 33%
  • Upgrading attic insulation and sealing house air leaks can lower costs another 8% to 20%
  • Replacing your roof with an ENERGY STAR “Cool Roof” can reduce the cooling demand by 10% to 15%, lowering overall energy costs.

Resale Value

Historically, energy efficient homes have a higher resale value. Studies show that for every dollar that utility bills are reduced per year, homeowners gain a $25 increase in their property value.

Home Livability

An energy efficient home is a more livable home. After all, that’s the point of any remodel. By keeping your home affordably cool in the summer and comfortably warm in the winter, an energy efficient remodel enhances your home’s indoor environment.

Environmental Friendliness

Increasingly, homeowners are concerned about their impact on the environment. Remodeling to take advantage of energy efficient materials and techniques increases a home’s overall environmental friendliness by consuming less energy.


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How Can I Remodel My Memphis Home to Be More Efficient?

Before beginning your energy efficiency remodel, it is important to conduct a home energy audit. The audit establishes which elements of your home are due for efficiency upgrades during the remodel.

The Department of Energy offers guidance on conducting your own energy audit or selecting a professional energy auditor to do it for you. If you choose the do-it-yourself method, here are some guidelines for conducting your audit:

  • Start with the exterior envelope of your home, including walls, attic, windows, and doors checking for air leaks that require sealing
  • Check your insulation. The recommended R-value (thermal resistance) for insulation in Memphis is R30–R60 in attics and R25 in subflooring
  • Check the condition and function of heating and cooling equipment
  • Check lighting fixtures for energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) lights
  • Check the Energy Guides estimates of annual operating costs for appliances and electronics

At Heritage Builders, our design team will review the energy audit results with you to create a comprehensive remodeling plan. Where necessary, we will update roofing, seal air leaks, increase insulation, and improve the overall integrity of your home’s heating and cooling envelope. Combining styling with the latest energy efficient materials and construction methods is our specialty.

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