Livable Remodeling in Germantown, TN & Surrounding Areas

Living in the middle construction is never ideal, but is sometimes necessary when remodeling your home. Thankfully, there are measures that can be taken by remodeling companies to respect your living space and your time. A remodeling contractor that cares about you will aim to create the beautiful, functional home you desire—but also strive to keep your home as clean and “livable” as possible throughout the entire remodeling process!

At Heritage Builders, we do everything we can to make your remodeling experience a positive one. Our commitment to clean, livable remodeling allows you and your family to remain in your home during the construction phase and hopefully makes some of the daily challenges of living in a building site a bit easier.

Read on to learn more about Heritage Builder’s livable remodeling experience, or feel free to contact us online or by phone at 901-737-6220 with questions or concerns!

  • Professional Group. Quality of work was exceptional. Did what they said they would. Stayed on schedule. Would definitely hire again.

    — Maxwell R.
  • We are very happy with the service provided by Heritage Builders. As of now, they have built our two homes. We love working with Greg Mitchell…

    — Corinthia D.
  • We have used Heritage Builders for two different projects and we are thrilled with the results…

    — Catherine

How Does Livable Remodeling Work?

Contrary to what you may think, it is possible for construction sites to be clean and manageable. The concept of livable remodeling is really simple: remodel efficiently and in a that enables the family to remain at home during construction. But how?

    • Communication. Working closely with your project manager can ensure that you will be kept in the loop about the progress of your project. They will answer any questions you may have and provide the updates you want to hear.
    • Timeliness. A question you will ask over and over again is: how long will this take? To give you an idea, we provide you with an estimated schedule of our project, but it’s the daily communication with the project manager that will help ease your mind about the progress.
    • Cleanliness. We understand that this is your home, so we treat it as if we are guests. Keeping a clean work space is a priority for each and every project complete. You’ll find that we take additional steps to keep your home clean and to preserve your indoor air quality—other remodeling companies may not!
    • Safety. No matter the task, we will always follow all health and safety recommendations and regulations to keep your family and home healthy during the remodel.

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Dust Management & Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a major concern for many homeowners during a home remodel. At Heritage Builders, we make sure that all aspects of the home remodel that pertain to dust and indoor air quality are addressed first. Dust will be generated by various events that occur during the remodeling process—from demolition, to dry wall sanding, and more. Your home’s air quality can suffer if it is not managed properly. As a pollutant, dust can cause an array of health-related issues from sore eyes to a burning throat. Excess dust may even cause you or your family member’s allergies to worsen. Not to mention, this dust can settle throughout your home—on your floors, furniture, glassware, and beyond.

To ensure your total satisfaction with your livable remodeling experience, we utilize GuildQuality surveys which ask for feedback on client satisfaction. These unbiased, third-party surveys keep us accountable for the quality and professionalism of our work in every project that we do. In using GuildQuality, we are able to take the feedback we receive and use it to continuously improve our process and communication. We take these surveys very seriously and are always looking for ways to better the experience of our clients.

BuildClean Dust Control Systems

To combat the dust created by our construction efforts, the team at Heritage Builders uses a BuildClean Dust Control System. This device is able to minimize the amount of dust floating around your home and settling in places that it shouldn’t, in turn providing healthier conditions for you, your family, and your pets. BuildClean air scrubbers work to eliminate 90 percent of airborne construction dust by using a pre-filter to capture large dust particles and a second-stage HEPA filter to trap dust molecules down to one micron in diameter.

These systems are effective in improving your indoor air quality but run quietly, making them the perfect solution for your livable remodeling experience with us.

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